Melissa G Clark

 Welcome to my website! Here you can find music for any occasion; from bars and restaurants to farmers markets and cafes, there is something for everyone. I welcome you with a selection of originals, here, but I also cover music from the 50's and 60's as well as more updated familiar music.

Take a look and give a listen. Choose from the pages listed across the top of main page. Videos and songs written in yellow can be accessed by clicking on them. At the bottom of the page is a green box with original music.

The music represents a time span at once nostalgic, familiar, and expressing the energy of the American Spirit! The genres of rock, folk, country, blues as well as subtle blends of each, arranged for a solo performer with an acoustic guitar, are appropriate for any venue from Farmer's Market background music to House Concerts in a conversational tone. Similarly I have played wedding anniversary as well as funeral service music; it's that diverse.

Check out my calendar and why not put an event on it? I am presently booking from the fall through the winter, and have an eye on the spring and summer. A little imagination and music can bring an added dimension to your event! Check additional music at, as well as Facebook.

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