1. It's Only Me

From the recording It's Only Me

This song describes a bonding process that developed from a daily routine of sitting with a friend's mom, a 93 year old woman who had become physically challenged by a broken hip, and who was experiencing some early stages of dimentia. She couldn't manage, alone, during the workday and needed someone, preferably someone who knew her and whom she could trust, to be in the house with her during the workday. I've been told by others who have had a similar experience that this describes that process honestly, and I am happy to share it with others who have shared or who have yet to share this experience with a loved one.


It's only me I'm going nowhere Just so you now where I'll always be Standing nearby, that you might trust one Now there is just one. It's only me.
I'm here each day Long before daybreak To let each day take Me where it may There is a need We can each cling to What I can bring you, You take away.
There are times when you are caught up In your wild chases After dreams that you alone can see Meeting other people In distant times and places; one waits right here. It's only me.
It's only me I'm going nowhere Just so you know where I'll always be. Standing nearby Right here, beside you That is what I do. It's only me.