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Melissa Unplugged in Old Forge

Old Forge Farmers' Market, Old Forge, NY

Melissa returns to Old Forge as summer fades into fall. A harvest of farm products, bakery items, sauces, and music at this delightful farmers' market.


Melissa in Ithaca

Ithaca Farmers' Market, Ithaca, NY

Melissa brings her mixed bag of favorite oldies to the Sunday market. Enjoy a relaxed visit to the market and some fun music, as well!


Melissa at the Gloversville Market

Melissa at the Gloversville Market

Melissa's return to Gloversville in a completely unplugged performance. Enjoy the market, the music, the day!

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  Why not book a concert in your own home? If you enjoy the intimacy of a small room or club, you're certain to draw particular pleasure from hosting your own show! A room with 20 or more of your friends, you know the ones who won't chat through the songs the way irritating strangers can, to enjoy an interactive evening with a singer/songwriter.

  Let me share a friendly evening of humorous, poignant and acoustic bluesy songs, anecdotes, and conversational tones in an evening custom made for your specifications!

  If you like live music and don't especially want to go to a large concert hall or bar to hear it, if you like being able to listen to the music and hear what the artist is saying between the songs, and if you don't want to have to drive for a couple of hours to see a show, this is the obvious way to go! Why not contact me, and we can take care of the particulars, and book a show? You can do by contacting me at: