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Melissa Unplugged in Old Forge

Old Forge Farmers' Market, Old Forge, NY

Melissa returns to Old Forge as summer fades into fall. A harvest of farm products, bakery items, sauces, and music at this delightful farmers' market.


Melissa in Ithaca

Ithaca Farmers' Market, Ithaca, NY

Melissa brings her mixed bag of favorite oldies to the Sunday market. Enjoy a relaxed visit to the market and some fun music, as well!


Melissa at the Gloversville Market

Melissa at the Gloversville Market

Melissa's return to Gloversville in a completely unplugged performance. Enjoy the market, the music, the day!

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Here is a list of original music, in a variety of genres, as performed in my shows:

A Little Time

I Talk To My Cat

I Need To

Make Me Believe

All the Dreams

Open Mic

Time Machine

I Don't Know What I Should Do

It's Only Me

The Key