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2020 Double Vision!

  It's been a tough year, all the way around. Folks have lost their jobs, their homes, their loved ones. It's been terrible, certainly, all the way around.

  We need a break from the drudgery a lift to our spirits. Music is a means and whatever your preference you'll find something to smile about, here. Whether perusing the set list of oldies and other favorite cover songs or indulging the original music offered, Melissa has something for everyone.

  Her regular gigs, including Farmers Markets and Seniors entertainment went by the boards in March; even a private party had to be canceled. However, a couple of the markets were allowed to bring in music and with a gig here and there it has been a salvageable year.

  Along with country, folk, blues, and pop covers Melissa offers a variety of originals to help fight the Covid-19 blues. Check out the pages here as more music is added to the site.

  Original Sins, Melissa's 2015 album is available in CD form. Additionally, look for the new album, coming early next year. Thanks for stopping by and please enjoy the music!



Phone: (315)824-2204



Mellissa Earlville