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Original Sins Song Lyrics

Original Sins

My thoughts are surrounding

Me here by myself

Like cryptic poems found in

The old books on a shelf.

Maybe life is just a game

That no one ever wins,

Still I try to rectify

My original sins.


My imagination

Sets my spirit free

In retaliation for what

No one's done to me.

My conscience has me sinking

Onto needles, onto pins.

Thinking about my original sins.


Serpent in the garden, evil at my door

Have me seeking pardon for what I've not done before.


I'm feeling quite self righteous

Till it once again begins;

The urge to surge into

Original sins.


I Know What I Like

I don't know what to think, I just haven't a clue.

I might swim, I might sink, somehow I'll muddles through,

For I know what I like, and I like what I know about you.


Will I ever find light in this shadow of doubt?

I will do what I might, or I might do without,

But I know what I like and I like that you know what I'm about.


Easy come, easy go, is it wrong or right?

There's a lot that I don't know, but I do know what I like.


When it's all said and done, what can I do or say

Except you are the one and I want you to stay

For I know what I like and I wouldn't want it any other way.


A Little Time

It's gonna take a little time, a little time to understand

The very nature of my crime in living my life as I'd planned.

The road I've taken is the one, less often traveled, generally.

When everything is said and done, my only crime is being me.


Life gives us every day, each one by one.

Time takes each one away, until we're done.

But as for me this life has been a slow and steady upward climb

This struggle I am trying to win is going to take a little time.


Every morning starts the same. My mirror image stares at me

The first move of a brand new game that never ends in victory.

And yet, I play it, anyway; accept my fate, my thorny crown

It gets me through another day, and it's the only game in town.


All The Dreams

I saw your smile, that's all I had to see to know

It drove me wild, You stole my heart away.

You touched my hand, that's all I had to feel for me

To understand I'd found a place to stay.


Now all the dreams that kept alive our hopes, it seems

Were all the dreams we thought would not come true

The journeys end, the twisting, turning road through everywhere

I've been, has brought me here to you.


You touched my heart, that's all I had to feel to know

We'd never part, I'm so in love with you.


Time Machine

I took a ride in a time machine; a nineteen fifty-seven Chevrolet

I visited everything I'd seen from when the car was new until today.

The distant past, alive and real, before me as I sat behind the wheel.

I took a ride in a time machine a nineteen fifty-seven Chevrolet.


This time the front seat and not the back, my status in the world changed over time

It was a Chevy, not a Cadillac, but still the car had left me feeling fine.

I reminisced about the good old days, And better, still, of how we changed our ways.

I took a ride in a time machine, a nineteen fifty-seven Chevrolet.


And as I visited the past, I drove on, changing gears

Until I found my way, at last, across so many years.


I found my way back to where you are, I'd made my round trip all within a day.

It really felt like a magic car, as I drove along the way.

The ride's a dream, but the picture's clear

Of the winding road I took to bring me here.

I took a ride in a time machine, a nineteen fifty-seven Chevrolet.



No one listens to me, Or what I have to say.

No one would admit they knew me, if I went away.

There's nothing here to hold you, Nothing you hold dear.

You agree with what I've told you, let's just disappear.


We could come together, here, and try. Take a trip across an endless sky

To a place where each of us could find

How to leave an empty world behind.


When this world's too much to face, instead of asking why

We could find a time and place to live, before we die.


Fading in the rearview, the picture becomes clear

The time is right to take our flight and just disappear.


It's Only Me

It's only me, I'm going nowhere,

Just so you know where I'll always be.

So you might see that you can trust one

Now there is just one, It's only me.


I'm here each day, long before daybreak,

To let each day take me where it may.

I try to be someone to cling to

In what I bring you, and take with me.


There are times when you are caught up, in your wild chases

After dreams that only you can see.

Meeting other people in distant times and places

One waits right here; it's only me.


It's only me, I'm going nowhere

Just so you know where I'll always be.

Standing nearby to love and guide you.

This is what I do. It's only me.


Point Of View

"What's the point?" people say as they watch life slip away.

All their hopes and dreams slide slowly down the drain.

But there's another path to choose, run outside, kick off your shoes,

And have a really good time dancing in the rain.


Because it's all just point of view, life can get the best of you,

Or you can see it doesn't need to be that way;

Feeling sorry for yourself, waiting for somebody's help,

Or you can stand and hand yourself a brand new day.


When it's said and done, there's only one who feels what you've been through,

Who has your trust and knows what must be done. It's up to you.


There's a knocking at my door. The wolf has been around, before,

But I'll make that cut, do what I have to do.

Sometimes this world seems rough, but it makes you tough enough

For you see, it's really just a point of view.


Spirit Of America

A common thread runs through the crowd, a deep emotion brought aloud, a simple nod, a smile, a glance, the unexpected second chance.

When hope is lost it's in the break you choose to give instead of take, the fabric everybody wears, a part of everyone who cares.

It's the quality in each that makes our dreams come true. It's the spirit of America in me and in you.

It's the sage's wisdom, child's delight in making troubles work out right, the true belief in crazy schemes; seeds planted in a field of dreams.

It's the reason for the one you choose, and don't believe is doomed to lose the uphill battle from the start, the underdog who wins your heart.

It's desire to do even more when you've done all you can do. It's the spirit of America in me and in you.

From the first light of the morning sun shining on the eastern coast       To the dead of night, when day is done, at land's end, westernmost   There's a fire burning deep inside, our sense of what is fair,                   A strong desire to provide what wouldn't have been there.

It's a Phoenix rising from the fall, the gift of love that conquers all. Despite our hardships we have plans for helping those in other lands.

It's the food we share, the clothes we send to those in need that knows no end. It's the helping hand, the bracing arm to even those who'd do us harm.

It's a patchwork quilt of kindness in our giving, carried through. It's the spirit of America in me and in you. The spirit of America in me and in you.

I Need To

I need to just see you, for a short while.

I feel the need in me to see you smile.

These hands, too, have touched you

Only to find.

Holding you is hard to do as holding time.


We don't belong to each other, we barely belong to ourselves.

The air around us can smother each of us and everyone else.


You had me so badly I couldn't let you Just slip by as if I never had met you.


I need to just see you, for a short while

I feel the need in me to see you smile

I need to just see you, just see you smile.


Heart Of A Champion

Sometimes in the morning I play my guitar, the moments are freeing to me, and thought I know well I will not be a star the freedom is all that I need

To carry me through an impossible day of working for my daily bread. I have to believe there is a better way, than doing this till I am dead.

The heart of a champion beats in my breast, the effort I give is the same As the ones who have made it and played it the best. It's all for the love of the game.

When evening rolls round I get ready to play there's no place where I'd rather be. Kick back and relax at the end of the day, when nothing else matters to me.

Day jobs and stray jobs have kept me alive. I do what I can to survive.    I play for and pray for each chance to take part, with my minor league hands and my major league heart.

The heart of a champion beats in my breast, with Destiny staking its claim on the way that we play when we're put to the test. It's all for the love of the game, when the heart of a champion beats in your breast. It's all for the love of the game.


The Computer Song (Cyber lullaby)  

Do you think computers care about the daily chores they do?                 Do you believe they'd ever share their hopes and dreams with you?    Their hopes and dreams with you.

When you finish work each day and leave the job you do behind.      Which of the other workers stay and never, ever mind?                      And never ever mind?

For the job makes demands, everyone understands that computers are hands to fill a roll, with no family or friends, so their work never ends and it never depends on a soul.

Which ones at the company most improve the bottom line? Members of society or cyber stars that shine. Or cyber stars that shine?

Do you think computers care about the daily chores you do? Do you think they'd ever share their hopes and dreams with you? Their hopes and dreams with you.